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Oval is a simple way to securely access and share your personal data across your favorite apps to reduce the amount of time you spend on sign-ups and other online application forms.

By signing up once with Oval, you can access your favorite apps without submitting the same set of personal data over and over again.

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Oval is designed with security in mind. We ensure your data is safe and secure by using top level encryption and providing multiple layers of protection and controls that meet your security needs. You can always adjust your security settings and monitor active connections with third-party apps.

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First step

Complete your data profile on Oval

Complete your profile in the encrypted data wallet we provide you. The profile covers personal, business, payments and employment data.

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Second step

Connect with an app to securely share your data

With all your data in one central place, you can natively integrate into your favorite apps and easily share selected portions of your data.

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Final step

Review and authorize access with Oval keys

Once you initiate data sharing or integration with an app, you can review and use your credentials to grant data access permissions to the third party.

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